the park


  • Very strategic location
  • Offers key design concepts in world-class infrastructure to satisfy the rigid requirements of dynamic global companies
  • Dedicated Industrial Utilities
  • Professional Management, Customer-Focused Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Services
  • A dedicated workforce ensures excellent customer service all the time.
  • The only industrial park in the Philippines that is Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) Certified.
  • High value for environmental protection:
    • Awarded by Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) as Outstanding Environmental Performer in 2002, 2005, 2007.
    • Consistent Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) Chairman’s Awardee among Lopez Group of Companies for 4 consecutive years and was awarded the Founder’s Award in 2005.
  • Dedicated Community Relations Section that attends to community concerns and projects.

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The Philippines' strategic location at the heart of Asia makes FPIP an ideal industrial estate for high technology and export-oriented industries.

The Philippines continues to enjoy a democratic form of government that is committed to a free enterprise system. Its government's sound financial and economic policies create a healthy respect for the country among other nations of the world.

The Philippines boasts of highly competitive labor costs, manpower quality and availability, and one of the highest literacy rates in the region. Its workforce is educated, highly trainable and English-speaking. It also has a large manpower pool of computer literate and technically-skilled workers. Aside from a favorable labor environment, the country's transportation and telecommunications infrastructure are continually being improved in support of business and commerce.

Expatriates living in the Philippines experience a more relaxed and highly comfortable lifestyle. Personal and family conveniences are available as well as world class medical and recreational facilities, educational and religious institutions.

FPIP's accessibility from investment and trading areas in the Philippines is one distinct advantage. It is located in the CALABARZON (Cavite-Laguna-Batangas-Rizal-Quezon) area, which has been attracting a significant number of foreign investors. Among the global companies located in the CALABARZON area Intel, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Panasonic, Procter and Gamble, Epson, Philips, Philip Morris, Samsung, SunPower, Toshiba, and Hitachi, among others. Ongoing government initiated infrastructure development projects make Batangas the preferred location for new investments in manufacturing and technology-based businesses.

Shown below is FPIP's accessibility from the country's capital, airport and seaports.

From Distance (in kilometers) Time (in minutes)
Metro Manila 52 50
Ninoy Aquino International Airport 49 50
Manila Port 61 70
Batangas Port 48 40

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FPIP has targeted and is home to a variety of export industries and types of operations such as but not limited to the ff:

  • Manufacturing
  • Solar Energy
  • Semiconductors
  • Steel
  • Plastics
  • Engineering

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FPIP offers prime-grade and site developed lots in a variety of sizes that can cater to medium- to large-scale facilities for light industry and manufacturing operations. A strategic location, an efficient layout and supported by appropriate facilities and services help enable business, manufacturing, and other types of operations to build hassle-free and stabilize their businesses over the long-term.


FPIP serves the high demand for completed factory buildings or warehouses for lease to foreign and local companies who want to immediately establish their operations in industrial parks to support or supply locators inside and/or in nearby parks. These companies have immediate requirements for space due to limited time for the construction of their facilities or would want to minimize investments in fixed assets (land and building).

FPIP's leasable factory buildings cater to the needs of the back-end business of various industries (assembly and contract manufacturing), and support/allied industries. This will allow the suppliers or partners of multinational and local companies to be located near their customers, an important requirement to enhance the coordination between buyers and suppliers.

FPIP also offers end to end solutions from design to construction of specific types of facilities (light-industrial, manufacturing, business process outsourcing, etc.) that can be tailor fitted to specific business needs.

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FPIP has been qualified by the Manila Electric Company (Meralco, the primary power distributor in the Philippines) for the SPECIAL ECOZONE RATE (approx. PhP1.00/kwh cheaper compared to other areas) together with other few industrial parks.

A dedicated Meralco Substation was built inside the park exclusively to cater to FPIP. By receiving transmitted electricity directly from unprecedented high-voltage line (115KV), locators can benefit from low fluctuating and stable power supply. Furthermore, underground power distribution grid system avoids power failure during inclement weather as well as improves the Park's landscape.


International direct distance dial telephone, facsimile, broadband and data transmission services from copper wire, wireless and underground fiber-optic facilities are available inside the Park.


FPIP has the capability of supplying all the fresh water needs of its locators. Its industrial water is supplied from strategically located deep wells inside the Park through a centralized distribution system backed up by standby generators.


FPIP has a centralized sewerage collection and treatment facility for the secondary treatment of industrial and domestic waste.


FPIP offers the widest concrete road system among all industrial parks in the Philippines. It has concrete 40m-right of way (ROW) main roads and 23m-ROW secondary roads with appropriate lighting, directional signs, pedestrian and bicycle lanes, and planting strips.


One of FPIP's major thrusts is environment protection and management. A key feature of the Park is its strategically located eco-parks that is home to a diversity of flora that include indigenous and endangered species of trees, a wide variety of bamboos, and fruit trees. The eco-parks have a total of 7 kilometers of trails available for trekking to Park locator employees.


The Oasis, a covered twin court, is located inside the Park is a venue for different sports and recreational activities like Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Darts and Table Tennis.

It may also be leased for different company activities and events.

To reserve the Oasis Multi-purpose covered courts, please download and fill up the reservation form and submit to the FPIP Customer Care Section:

FPIP Customer Care Section
Tel. : (+63) (43) 405-6020
Fax :
(+63) (43) 405-6031

Reservation Form

The Oasis House Rules


FPIP has facilities that locators may use for various activities such as trainings, teambuilding, meetings, recruitment activities, etc.

To reserve the Audio Visual Room (AVR) and Socio Civic Center, please download and fill up the reservation form and submit to the FPIP Customer Care Section:

FPIP Customer Care Section
Tel. : (+63) (43) 405-6020
Fax : (+63) (43) 405-6031

Reservation and Billing Form


The SSB houses FPIP's own fire truck and ambulance with 24-hr stand-by Fire Brigade Team to answer health/medical, fire and other types of emergencies.


FPIP is the location of a branch of  Microtel Inn & Suites (Microtel) of U.S.A. Microtel Batangas is a 78-room economy lodging hotel and meeting facilities that caters to locators, their guests and technical staff as well as business and family/leisure travelers around the area. Microtel provides clean, comfortable rooms at good value rates.


Specialty restaurants are located inside FPIP that cater to the expat as well as local community inside the Park. Ippon Yari serves authentic Japanese cuisines and Mongkok Dimsum and Noodle house offers genuine Chinese culinary experience.


Air Liquide Philippines Utilities Services (ALPLUS), Inc., a subsidiary company of Air Liquide of France, has installed an onsite storage and distribution facility for industrial gases via an underground piping system.

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All forms may be downloaded, accomplished and submitted to the FPIP Operations Section with contact details as follows:

FPIP Operations Section
Tel. : (+63) (43) 405-6020
Fax : (+63) (43) 405-6031

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