Community Relations

FPIP continues to play an active role in the continuous development of its host communities in line with the nation-building mandate of the Lopez Group.

Since 1999, FPIP has developed and implemented Corporate Social Responsibility programs to improve the living condition of residents in these communities.  FPIP’s dedicated Community Relations team works in tandem with locators’ CSR teams to oversee a wide variety of year-long community activities that focus on community development and infrastructure, education and skills training, as well as livelihood assistance and self-help projects.  These initiatives create harmonious relationships with host communities, as well help accomplish industrial peace and unhampered productivity.


Environmental protection is a key priority of FPIP, with strict environment, safety and health standards within the Park. Deputized by the Laguna Lake Development Authority, FPIP strictly adheres to government environment standards, continuosly monitoring and ensuring compliance from its locators.  Activities ranging from prospecting of locators and construction, as well as the day-to-day management of the Park, are testament to FPIP’s unwavering commitment.

FPIP is a key player in the protection of rivers that pass through the Park, taking an active stance in working with government and the local communities to maintain the cleanliness of these rivers.

FPIP takes the lead in planting and caring for indigenous and endangered species of trees inside the Park. FPIP is home to thousands of trees that help create a cool and comfortable environment inside the Park.