What We Offer

Facilities Infrastructure

A dedicated Meralco 115kv substation has been built inside the Park for the exclusive use of FPIP and its locators, which is connected to three separate circuits in Canlubang, Los Banos and Mak-Ban, in the adjacent province of Laguna.   With these in place, locators are assured of reliable and stable power supply.   FPIP’s underground power distribution grid system further enhances this stable power supply by minimizing the risk of power failure during inclement weather.

FPIP provides industrial water to its locators from the 15 deep wells and above-ground reservoirs strategically located within the Park. FPIP also has a modern waste water treatment and cetralized sewerage collection and treatment facility for secondary treatment of industrial and waste water. A centralized distribution system backed up by a full-scale generator system ensures uninterrupted 24/7 water supply to locators.

FPIP offers a wide concrete road system with 6-lane, 40m right-of-way (ROW) main roads and 23m ROW secondary roads.   The Park’s thoroughfares are enhanced by wide sidewalks, appropriate street lighting, directional signages, pedestrian and bicycle lanes, planting strips and an underground tunnel.  An extensive modern underground drainage stystem ensures a flood-free environment, while a  First-To-Stop, First-To-Go rule and other traffic measures are strictly enforced throughout the Park to ensure free-flowing traffic and maximum road safety for all Park visitors.

FPIP’s best-in-class underground telecom cables and multiple telecommunications partnerships guarantee reliable high-speed, high-volume communication services.