Ownership and Leasing Options

Industrial Land

FPIP offers prime-grade and site-developed lots in a variety of sizes that can cater to medium- to large-scale facilities for light industry and manufacturing operations. Strategic location, efficient layout and support by appropriate facilities and services enable business, manufacturing, and other types of operations hassle-free building.

Ready Built Factories (RBFs) / Built-To-Suit Facilities

FPIP serves the high demand for completed factory buildings or warehouses for lease to foreign and local companies who want to immediately establish their operations to support or supply locators inside or nearby the Park. These companies have immediate requirements for space due to limited time for the construction of their facilities or prefer to minimize investments in fixed assets (land and building). FPIP's leasable factory buildings cater to the needs of the back-end business of various industries such as assembly and contract manufacturing, and support/allied industries. This will allow the suppliers or partners of multinational and local companies to be located near their customers, an important requirement to enhance the coordination between buyers and suppliers. FPIP also offers end-to-end solutions from design to construction of specific types of facilities (light-industrial, manufacturing, business process outsourcing, among others) that can be tailor fitted to specific business needs.

Oasis Commercial Center

Conveniently located inside the Park, the three-story Oasis Commercial Center offers retail spaces for lease, as well as office space for tenants on the second and third floor.  As a PEZA-registered IT & Facilities enterprise, the Oasis Commercial Center is equipped to accommodate operations and Business Continuity Planning requirements of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies.

With its high security and close proximity to FPIP’s main entrance, the Oasis Commercial Center provides an ideal and conducive work environment, complemented by its sports facility, banks, restaurants, and retail shops.

Oasis Commercial Center Leasing Application Form.pdf

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