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FPIP Promotes Water Stewardship through its subsidiary, FUI

FPIP Promotes Water Stewardship through its subsidiary, FUI

First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP) through its water arm, FPIP Utilities Inc. (FUI), is accelerating its efforts to conserve water, recognizing the risks that water scarcity will have on the industry, community, and the environment.

In 2024, FUI launched FPIP’s Water Stewardship Policy, which underscores the park’s commitment to responsible water management and conservation practices. Designed to promote sustainable use of water within the park, the policies include reduced water consumption, efficient water use, compliance with national water quality standards, and responsible management of wastewater.

FUI is also collaborating with water regulatory authorities and local government units, including the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to ensure that its policies and efforts are aligned with the standards and best practices.

“As one of the leading industrial parks in the Philippines, we recognize our critical role in protecting and preserving local water resources,” says Engr. Jeremaine Esguerra, FUI Head for Water Resource Management Group.

“Our commitment to water stewardship is a vital part of our regeneration and decarbonization efforts. By prioritizing water stewardship, we are not just reducing our environmental impact. We are also taking concrete steps to help protect this invaluable resource for future generations. We hope we are setting a good example for others in the industry.”

FUI is a subsidiary of FPIP that specializes in providing water and wastewater treatment services to FPIP’s 150 world-class locators. Serving both industrial and commercial customers, it has a capacity of producing 30 megalitres of water per day.

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