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Our mission:

To build thriving, inclusive, resilient, regenerative and decarbonized job-centered communities

Our purpose:

The success of the Philippines and of FPIP in its quest to industrialize is hinged on our collective ability to attract, nurture, and scale investments that provide higher value to consumers and provide quality livelihood for a highly capable growing workforce.

Today, as we face increasing uncertainty brought about by a rapidly changing and competitive world, compounded by the profound threat of the looming climate crisis, we are motivated to reimagine the way we do business. It is apparent that the only way forward is for us to champion climate-neutral, high value-add industrialization.

To achieve this and thrive in this, we will need to appreciate and nurture FPIP's interconnected advantage that allows us to elevate the ecosystem of locator customers, employees, suppliers, contractors, the environment, communities, and ultimately, our investors. This, in turn, will yield shared and responsible growth.

We will gauge our success through our ability to build livable, future-ready environments that bring about economic prosperity, social inclusivity and environmental stewardship.

By doing so, we will find extensive opportunities to collectively thrive, with the growing appreciation that rewards not only come in the form of a profitable business, but a purposeful one.

Our chosen path:

We shall nurture inclusive, innovative spaces that elevate industry, community and the environment.