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FPIP’s green initiatives recognized at the 2024 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards

FPIP’s green initiatives recognized at the 2024 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards

First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP) received a Silver Stevie® Award in the Reuse and Recycle category at the 11th annual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, held on May 24, 2024 in Manila, Philippines. It is the only industrial park awardee in this category. 

Launched in 2002, the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards is the world’s premiere business awards program that recognizes innovations in the workplace in all 29 markets of the Asia-Pacific region. Over 100 executives around the world evaluated more than 1,000 nominations from various organizations in the early months of 2024.

FPIP, a 600-hectare ecozone by the Lopez-led First Philippine Holdings (FPH) and Japanese conglomerate Sumitomo Corporation, was recognized for utilizing green technology and biomimicry practices in its wastewater treatment processes. Its water arm, FPIP Utilities, Inc. (FUI), has been implementing its flagship projects phytoremediation and vermicomposting since 2023. 

According to FUI Head for Water Resource Management Group Engr. Jeremaine Esguerra, “Phytoremediation and vermicomposting are just some of our initiatives to contribute to a healthier planet. At the same time, these also allow us to streamline our operations and even significantly reduce our operational costs.”

Phytoremediation refers to the use of plants to degrade or prevent the toxic effects of contaminants in soil or water. FUI uses water hyacinths in the process tanks and influent chambers, which have been proven effective in ensuring the water treatment process is consistent. They also absorb nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus; reduce concentrations of ammonia, nitrates, and chemical oxygen demand in effluent water; and improve water clarity.

FUI also does vermicomposting, a process of turning green or organic waste into high-value fertilizers and soil conditioners using earthworms. Esguerra explained, “This is a sustainable solution that FUI pioneered to address waste management concerns. Our vermicomposting facility allows us to process organic waste and produce an estimate of 4,100 kilograms of vermicast, which we then use as fertilizers in outdoor spaces and gardens within the park.”

“Apart from growing more trees and plants in the park, vermicomposting also eliminates our independence on synthetic fertilizers and lessens the costs of hauling and any other treatment costs for the treatment of sludge.”

In all its innovative projects, FUI collaborates with experts to ensure that these are safe and effective for the community and the environment. It also works closely with various government units and organizations, such as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Philippine National Standards for Organic Fertilizers (PNSOF), so all these projects comply with the set environmental standards.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. This establishes FPIP’s move towards regeneration and decarbonization” she shared, “For us, regeneration and decarbonization are not merely buzzwords. Instead, these are goals – goals we aim to achieve in the next few years; goals we hope that communities and other industrial parks will also start to embrace. We will continue to explore other innovative initiatives to further promote environmental stewardship.”

In April, FPIP received the 2024 Success Story Award. The Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PCAPI) recognized FPIP’s initiatives to help achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

These two awards are a testament to how FPIP is nurturing an environment for locators, workers, and inclusive communities.

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