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Consuelo Park, a gorgeous prenup shoot location in Batangas

Consuelo Park, a gorgeous prenup shoot location in Batangas

While an engagement shoot is not a prerequisite to a successful wedding or a happy marriage,  it is a chance to imprint lasting memories that you and your soon-to-be-better-half can look back on for years to come. After all, this will likely be a  first-mile marker of your life together.

Consuelo Park’s koi pond adjacent to the red Japanese bridge
The koi pond adjacent to the red Japanese bridge

A great engagement shoot is not determined by the glamour of the dress, the brand name of the photographer, or the visibility of the ring. What makes it great is the ability to capture the genuine love you have for each other. This is why it is important to choose a venue that will amplify pure and authentic love. What better way to do it than to have the shoot in a timeless venue?

Consuelo Park is First Philippine Industrial Park’s (FPIP) first recreational park. Tucked under a canopy of lush greens, its picturesque charm and quiet seclusion from the surrounding bustle of activity makes it an ideal area for your engagement shoot. Its nature trail,  tranquil scenery, and eye-catching backdrops create the most magical atmosphere that will surely provide you with ample locations to capture the romance.

The park’s main features, the amphitheater and gazebo, adjacent to each other, are wide open spaces perfect for shooting creative angles and unique themes that capture your relationship’s personality. Along the nature trail is a boardwalk with abundant foliage stringing overhead - allowing sunrays to dapple and illuminate the walkway for a romantic glow. Last but not least, Consuelo Park’s famous red Japanese bridge and koi pond paint an enchanting, scenic image one can imagine on a canvas and one that you can now replicate with your loved one.

While these are only some of the main spots to take photos at the park, Consuelo Park offers an abundance of simple yet radiant natural backdrops that are sure to please.

Consuelo Park is located at the heart of FPIP and is open for photoshoot bookings. To inquire or schedule a photoshoot appointment, email [email protected].


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