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Consuelo Park, charming events place in Batangas

Consuelo Park, charming events place in Batangas

Consuelo Park, charming events place in Batangas
FPIP organizes Wins & Wellness in February 2022 to promote fellowship among colleagues and good health.

Consuelo Park has certainly stirred up a lot of interest in the past few months. The name Consuelo Park became a buzzword among Batangeuños online as it garnered hundreds of positive reactions from different high-profile Facebook pages, such as First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP) and City Tourism & Cultural Heritage Development Office of Sto. Tomas, Batangas. Pretty soon, the excitement seen online quickly manifested into numbers of visitors wandering around and enjoying the park. 

FPIP locator-employees, families, romantic couples, health enthusiasts, and the like have found a place for recreation and relaxation in Consuelo Park. Event organizers have also found value and functionality in the park to hold events, especially with the rise in popularity of open-air event spaces amidst the Covid-19 situation. The 700-sqm amphitheater near the park’s archway can cater to up to 600 guests offering ample outdoor space for an array of social gatherings and activities. In addition to this, the 1.2-km nature trail that rings around the park provides a scenic path to take leisurely strolls. The park’s koi pond and Japanese bridge are fast becoming favorite Instagram spots! 

After Consuelo Park was launched,   FPIP’s Wins and Wellness event was held there, with employees invited to an afternoon picnic that combined a barbecue buffet and an assortment of outdoor activities that extended well into the evening with a lively cover band. The park’s amphitheater has since become a venue for socializing and entertainment, with its open terrain ideal for relaxing pastimes and its trail perfect for rejuvenating bike rides.

In June 2022, Consuelo Park was included in Batangas Biker’s Club’s Dayuhan Ride in Sto. Tomas cycling route, welcoming a diverse set of cyclists through its arches. The park is also scheduled to host Rotary Club of Santo Tomas’ Color Fun Run in November 2022.

Consuelo Park opens its gates to welcome more guests in the future. Soon to rise within the park is Consuelo Park Pavillion, which can hold large-scale events and accommodate up to 1,000 guests. To inquire about event bookings, email [email protected]


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