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FPIP wins DENR Sustainability Best Practices Award

FPIP wins DENR Sustainability Best Practices Award

For the third consecutive year, The “Game Changer Communities Award '' was awarded to FPIP last June 2021 for its continued practice of observing diversified environmental management that has made valuable contributions and impact to the protection and improvement of the community and environmental welfare.

DENR’s “Game Changer Communities Award” is a commendation to those who avidly observe environment-centered operations and innovations that merit imitation and recognition.

As part of its core, FPIP acknowledges its responsibility and embraces its steadfast commitment to the environment’s preservation. FPIP’s Material Recovery Facility ensures proper waste segregation, and hazardous and waste management in its Park Rules and Regulations (PRR) and Deed of Restrictions (DOR). Complementing this, regular inspections of locator facilities are strictly conducted to ensure locators comply with the regulatory policies. Correspondingly, FPIP also initiates other environmental programs such as tree planting, estero clean-up, river clean-up, education campaign, Resource Recovery event, and Environmental Service Provider accreditation.

The reception of the award has inspired FPIP and its partner locators to continue to pilot, propose, and implement current and new environmental programs and initiatives. Alongside FPIP, the other nominees who received the award include LIIP, LIMA, and LISP 1-4.

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