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Our offerings - Facilities and Amenities - CONSUELO PARK RESIDENCES


FPIP offers locator-employees the experience of a relaxed community living with the Consuelo Park Residences, FPIP’s first residential dormitory complex. Consuelo Park Residences features six (6) dormitory buildings and common facilities.

Dormitory buildings include furnished living dorm rooms and home living essentials for a maximum of four (4) occupants per room. Situated at the heart of the industrial hub and alongside Consuelo Park, residents enjoy easy access to work and recreational facilities as well as experience convenient and comfortable living through common facility provisions such as a dining hall, laundry shop, pocket gardens, walkways, bike racks, and the availability of internet and air conditioning units upon request. Safety and security of the place is also ensured with its gated premises and 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance.